What We Do


We have been involved in research activities for over 10 years. Our team has a strong record of delivering high-end research for most unusual topics.
Some examples include: analytical and historical investigation into coloured stones as part of investment portfolio emotional and cognitive factors affecting business valuation behavioural valuation and its implications for assessing commercial banks, impacts of clinical medicine on public perception, assessment and valuation of art-based assets, the effects of micro-gravity exposure on potential bridge food sources for a transportable biosphere, the use of early projectors to explore not normally viewed aspects of light on artistic creation resulting in oil-on-canvas based representations of the imagery and historical methods, the relationship between debt and wars and analysis of alternative financial structures.

Project Management

Czapek Research will help you run your business by being in charge of project management. We provide a combination of skills that will ensure that we will deliver the project on time and to the highest possible standard.

Due Diligence

We can execute due-diligence for any aspect of your business and future ventures, including but limited to: economic and financial due-diligence, macro environment audit, legal/environmental audit, marketing audit, production audit, management audit, information system audit, reconciliation audit, intellectual due-diligence, security due-diligence.

Policy Analysis for Private Equity & Healthcare Industries

We provide non-standard research and insight on a wide variety of non-trivial, cross-border private equity transactions with elements of uncertainty as well as frontier market, healthcare policy analysis.  Our archival experience and informational access allow us to provide policy analysis, research and negotiation services and support from technology professionals who can properly present and support such negotiations. We have significant connections in the private equity industry and a track record of completing private equity deals. We specialise in non-trivial cross-border PE transactions with elements of uncertainty.

Business Valuation

Czapek Research Ltd has expertise and knowledge in valuing early stage businesses under different scenarios and in times of uncertainty. We will provide our professional opinion on the fair valuation of your company based on a number of approaches and methods, including but not limited to: Income Approach, Market Approach, Cost-Based Approach, Economic Value Added (EVA), Shareholder Value Added (SVA) and synthetic methods (Ohlson model, Black–Scholes model).


Our team has experience and knowledge received through years of research on security issues facing organisations. We will be able to execute a comprehensive security audit of your company and provide post audit security training and coaching to members of your staff.