Who We Are

We believe that historical perspective is lacking in modern organisations. We don’t build companies quarter by quarter but with an intent for them to stand the test of time, by making a significant, historical impact on the world. As researchers from historical, technical, and related fields, we bring thousands of years of perspective based on historical data to our mandates. And we do mean that we look back to how social trends influenced product design and use as well as other economic factors since the pre-Antiquity trade routes, not since the founding of Apple, Google and Facebook. We think the best way to make significant profit is through significant disruption. However, significant disruption has to exist within proper concepts to be memorable, addictive and relevant in a way that penetrates our minds and becomes part of our culture.

We believe that businesses and countries need to grow and stand on their own merits and their own sales. Capital can help them grow but only when it is in concert with organic growth of the organisation. The fundamentals of any business must hold their own weight.

The most valuable currency in the universe is information. As researchers, we, of course, are biased in this respect, but we know the impact that detailed research, timely privileged industry information and security audit and evaluation can have on the bottom line of projects and organisations we support.